Sue Janson | Australian Female Artist and Designer

Launching her career in 2000, Sue Janson has amused art lovers across the globe with her quintessentially humorous Australian art. Poking fun at a range of typical Aussie characters and personality types, Sue has become a renowned Australian female artist and designer with an extensive collection that is highly sought after in Australia and New Zealand.

Following numerous sell-out exhibitions in Australia, Sue decided to make her individual work available for all to enjoy, and launched her product and gift line at various exclusive, highly reputable retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Designing art that showcases the lighter side of life has remained at the core of Sue’s passion for art for many years now, and she loves being able to share her pieces with others. As an Australian female artist and designer, Sue 's art showcases the Australian sense of fun and humour we all know and love.

Shop the range of hilarious, easily-recognisable designs on an extensive range of unique gifts and practical products online, from aprons and tea towels, to stubby holders and wine sacs, to stationery and cards, and so much more.